Warm Autumn

Autumn is a very beautiful season. Leafs fall slowly on the floor giving the mother earth more nutrients to create new life on spring. Birds return to warm places escaping from the cold. Trees appear to rest of the weight of the leafs shaking the heat of summer. Streets, empty of so many people, return to calm. Not cold but not hot. Not dark but not bright. Looks like everything is stopped but the life follows slowly.

Autumn is beautiful, earthy colors mixed with shy sunrises, a solitary flower born by chance, a puddle in the middle of a park, a child sleeping, a blanket on the couch, a love story, a warm embrace, a cup of coffee, a book, thin rain, a window full of steam.

Welcome to the autumn. This is how Cutemosaic sees one of the most comfortable seasons of the year. Wish you like and share our homage.


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