the wonderful world of insects

Insects are everywhere. Insects make up more than a half of all living things in the world. There are more than a million known species of insects, and there are many more waiting to be discovered.

The insects are arthropods. That means having limbs with many joints that bend in many directions. Humans would like to be arthropods for sure.

Insects have six legs, do you think that a spider is an insect? The answer is no, they have eight legs and insects just six. Also insects do not have any bones or skeleton, just a exoskeleton, that is a rigid “skin”.

Insects have composite eyes, so their field of vision is much wider than human’s. They don’t have nose, because they breath through openings in the sides of their abdomens, these are called spiracles.

Insects play important roles in the environment like predators, food makers, recyclers, silk makers or composters. Cutemosaic likes insects a lot.

So, please, respect insects because they are really necessary. I took this information from a very interesting web for kids and I think is very good that parents show it to their children. This website is in Spanish language and English too

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