Which is your favorite flower?

Did you know that each kind of flower means something? So this article may be of interest to you, then you can know what he/she wants to tell you according to the flower that gives to you.

Jasmine: represents sensuality in a relationship. Very interesting! who wants a lot?

Water lily: it’s a symbol of purity and four virtues “fragrance, cleaning, tenderness and softness”. I don’t know what to think about that…

Hortensia: symbolizes coldness and indifference, so better don’t get yourself any of those.

Cactus: means desiring strength to the difficulties. Good thoughts about you, give me more.

Red Roses: gratefulness and appreciation… I prefer love, please don’t gift me roses, jasmine better?

Orchid: represents beauty, sweetness, sublime feelings. Adoration for that person. If you get any of these you’re going to be lucky for sure.

Clove pink: means some one wants to marry you, so time to run or … celebrate!

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