The knight and the dragon


Imagination is something incredible, a wonderful tool innate in most children, a fleeting moment in our minds that makes us dream and fly without taking off the feet of floor. One of the most beautiful creatures that are born of mythology and imagination are dragons. Majestic beings with magical powers capable of eliminating an entire city with his breath. There are dragons of many colors: red, black, white… , but all are beautiful and cause fear and admiration at the same time.

…the knight struck a direct blow to his heart. The dragon opened his wings and emitted a scream that was heard in the darkest corners of the kingdom. A wave of fire welled out of his mouth and wiped out every living thing around him. The knight was killed, and the dragon went through the clouds…

Cutemosaic wants to pay tribute to these mythological creatures, so we have created some mosaics that could serve as gift to your children, wallpaper for your computer or to decorate a shirt. The limit is your imagination

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