Playing with the moon

One day I played to paint train tracks with my feet,

I started to walk without paying too much attention to the border of the way,

There wasn’t any intention, I merely started walking.

A lot of rocks marked my pathway and bent my ankles

And at dawn I felt happy to see the sun,

The heat in my face made me forgot the rocks on my feet.

Cotton clouds cradled my running

And the rain song lullabied me,

any beautiful flower grew on the way

I looked at it, I smelt it and I followed my path.

One day a big silvered ball appeared in front of me,

And then I knew what my destiny was.

This mosaic is a mixture of Crackelure Stained Mosaic, Diamond Silhouette Mosaic and Window mosaic. This is our gift for every dreamer that is looking for his destiny. Cutemosaic wish you the best dreams.


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