The most desired horn

Rhinoceros, is a group of five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae. Two of these species are native to Africa and three to Southern Asia.
Members of the rhinoceros family are characterized by their large size as well as by a herbivosous diet; a thick protective skin, 1.5–5 cm thick, formed from layers of collagen positioned in a lattice structure; relatively small brains for mammals this size (400–600 g); and a large horn. They generally eat leafy material, although their ability to ferment food in their hindgut allows them to subsist on more fibrous plant matter, if necessary. Unlike other perissodactyls, the two African species of rhinoceros lack teeth at the front of their mouths, relying instead on their powerful premolar and molar teeth to grind up plant food.
Rhinoceros are killed by humans for their horns, which are bought and sold on the black market, and which are used by some cultures for ornamental or traditional medicinal purposes. The horns are made of keratin, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails. Both African species and the Sumatran rhinoceros have two horns, while the Indian and Javan rhinoceros have a single horn.
Rhinoceros horns, unlike those of other horned mammals, only consist of Keratin. Rhinoceros horns are used in traditional Asian medicine, and for dagger handles in Yemen and Oman. Esmond Bradley Martin has reported on the trade for dagger handles in Yemen.
One repeated misconception is that rhinoceros horn in powdered form is used as an aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese Madicine (TCM) as Cornu Rhinoceri Asiatici (犀角, xījiǎo, “rhinoceros horn”). In fact, it is prescribed for fevers and convulsions. Neither have been proven by evidence-based medicine. Discussions with TCM practitioners to reduce its use have met with mixed results because some TCM doctors consider rhino horn a life-saving medicine of better quality than substitutes. China has signed the CITES treaty and removed rhinoceros horn from theChinese medicine pharmacopeia, administered by the Ministry of Health, in 1993. In 2011, in the United Kingdom, the Register os Chinese Herbal Medicine issued a formal statement condemning the use of rhinoceros horn. A growing number of TCM educators have also spoken out against the practice.
To prevent poaching, in certain areas, rhinos have been tranquilized and their horns removed. Armed park rangers, particularly in South Africa, are also working on the front lines to combat poaching, sometimes killing poachers who are caught in the act. A recent spike in rhino killings has made conservationists concerned about the future of the species. During 2011, 448 rhino were killed for their horn in South Africa alone. The horn is incredibly valuable: an average sized horn can bring in as much as a quarter of a million dollars in Vietnam and many rhino range states have stockpiles of rhino horn.
Still, poaching is hitting record levels due to demands from China and Vietnam. In March 2013, some researchers suggested that the only way to reduce poaching would be to establish a regulated trade based on humane and renewable harvesting from live rhinos. (Original text at
The world has to save the rhino and work to conserve viable populations of endangered rhinos in Africa and Asia.

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Playing with the moon

One day I played to paint train tracks with my feet,

I started to walk without paying too much attention to the border of the way,

There wasn’t any intention, I merely started walking.

A lot of rocks marked my pathway and bent my ankles

And at dawn I felt happy to see the sun,

The heat in my face made me forgot the rocks on my feet.

Cotton clouds cradled my running

And the rain song lullabied me,

any beautiful flower grew on the way

I looked at it, I smelt it and I followed my path.

One day a big silvered ball appeared in front of me,

And then I knew what my destiny was.

This mosaic is a mixture of Crackelure Stained Mosaic, Diamond Silhouette Mosaic and Window mosaic. This is our gift for every dreamer that is looking for his destiny. Cutemosaic wish you the best dreams.


Horse Whispers

One of the most beautiful animals in the world is the horse. I have to confess that I’m really afraid of them because they are too high for me, but when I ride them I enjoy a freedom feeling that makes me think I’m embracing all the world. Horses are strong but dedicated, proud but obedient, dangerous but safe…
Cutemosaic loves horses and wants to make this tribute to this noble animal.
Despite the new technology horses are still very useful for the human being, some examples are mounted police, riders on horseback to round up cattle, search and rescue organizations in some countries depend upon mounted teams to locate people. People of all ages with physical and mental disabilities obtain beneficial results from association with horses. Horses are used to reenact many of their historical work purposes. Countries such as the United Kingdom still use horse-drawn carriages to convey royalty and other VIPs to and from certain culturally significant events. Public exhibitions are another example and Horses are frequently seen in television and films. There are some very good films specially dedicated to horses like “The Horse Whisperer”, “The Black Stallion” or “Seabiscuit”.
If you can often enjoy a horse, feel lucky yourself because you have a very good friend in your life, so take care of him and live each moment like it’s unique.

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the wonderful world of insects

Insects are everywhere. Insects make up more than a half of all living things in the world. There are more than a million known species of insects, and there are many more waiting to be discovered.

The insects are arthropods. That means having limbs with many joints that bend in many directions. Humans would like to be arthropods for sure.

Insects have six legs, do you think that a spider is an insect? The answer is no, they have eight legs and insects just six. Also insects do not have any bones or skeleton, just a exoskeleton, that is a rigid “skin”.

Insects have composite eyes, so their field of vision is much wider than human’s. They don’t have nose, because they breath through openings in the sides of their abdomens, these are called spiracles.

Insects play important roles in the environment like predators, food makers, recyclers, silk makers or composters. Cutemosaic likes insects a lot.

So, please, respect insects because they are really necessary. I took this information from a very interesting web for kids and I think is very good that parents show it to their children. This website is in Spanish language and English too

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Dears friends:

After two years working really hard Cutemosaic has great news for you, we celebrate our anniversary offering all our mosaics for free, so from now on you can order your mosaic at any size without cost at all. Enjoy up to 12 megapixel mosaics that can be printed at poster size.

Cutemosaic wants to remember that you can send us your mosaics to put and share them all over the world in our gallery. Plus you can follow us at facebook, twitter and google+, were you can enjoy our more recent news and be our friend. Of course you still can enjoy our blog were you can find amazing tools to improve your photos and use them for great gifts, decoration or your profile picture.

Came with us and garnish your life creating unique beauty.



Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, is a yearly holiday on October 31. This is a fun party where the imagination flies and people change their appearance to look terrifying. Another people just tries to enjoy it with any kind of disguise.


Typical festive Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending costume parties, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.


We think that Halloween is a free party were you can laugh off your fears for one night. Anyway It’s important not to forget to take a lot of pictures to share later with everybody. We invite you to transform your Halloween photos into richer mosaics with our online service Cutemosaic. This is the best option to create more scaring and funny pictures. And remember, it’s a very good tool to transform a low quality photo into the best high resolution picture with more than a hundred options.

Cutemosaic gives you a “trick” to transform your photos into art works.

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Warm Autumn

Autumn is a very beautiful season. Leafs fall slowly on the floor giving the mother earth more nutrients to create new life on spring. Birds return to warm places escaping from the cold. Trees appear to rest of the weight of the leafs shaking the heat of summer. Streets, empty of so many people, return to calm. Not cold but not hot. Not dark but not bright. Looks like everything is stopped but the life follows slowly.

Autumn is beautiful, earthy colors mixed with shy sunrises, a solitary flower born by chance, a puddle in the middle of a park, a child sleeping, a blanket on the couch, a love story, a warm embrace, a cup of coffee, a book, thin rain, a window full of steam.

Welcome to the autumn. This is how Cutemosaic sees one of the most comfortable seasons of the year. Wish you like and share our homage.


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Which is your favorite flower?

Did you know that each kind of flower means something? So this article may be of interest to you, then you can know what he/she wants to tell you according to the flower that gives to you.

Jasmine: represents sensuality in a relationship. Very interesting! who wants a lot?

Water lily: it’s a symbol of purity and four virtues “fragrance, cleaning, tenderness and softness”. I don’t know what to think about that…

Hortensia: symbolizes coldness and indifference, so better don’t get yourself any of those.

Cactus: means desiring strength to the difficulties. Good thoughts about you, give me more.

Red Roses: gratefulness and appreciation… I prefer love, please don’t gift me roses, jasmine better?

Orchid: represents beauty, sweetness, sublime feelings. Adoration for that person. If you get any of these you’re going to be lucky for sure.

Clove pink: means some one wants to marry you, so time to run or … celebrate!

 Cutemosaic loves flowers and wants to tribute this gift of mother earth with mosaics from very nice pictures.

 You can create your own mosaic form your personal photo at cutemosaic choosing between more than 40 types of mosaics creating a new and different effect in your favourite flower.

 Try our free mosaic before choosing the best result and share it with your friends. Garnish your life creating unique beauty. This is the only one online service where you can obtain so great results. Be the first to tell this to your friends and show them a new and unmatched online editor. There is a lot of photo editors but only at cutemosaic you can get real new effects that no one has.

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Crazy for quadrilaterals

A regular quadrilateral is this one that has four equal sides and four equal angles. How can you calculate Perimeter and Area? The perimeter of a P=4T  square whose four sides have length t is and the area K is This is a nice polygon in geometry.

A square is the geometric shape most used in constructing mosaics. The material with which to build a tessera can varies a lot. There are tesserae built with glass, stone or porcelain. At Cutemosaic you can find more variety. Cutemosaic has tesserae built in glass, stone, porcelain, ice, diamond, glitter or pearl. Look the examples bellow and tell me, Which one do you prefer? and remember that you can get three one megapixel mosaics each day for free. Use our web tool and garnish your life creating unique beauty.

Those are some zoom details of ours mosaics. You can visit the originals here and if you want a high resolution printable version you can buy one of our artworks. Anyway you can create a mosaic from your personal photo very easily. Enjoy with us!

Pearl ancient tiles

Ice cubes

Mirror Ice

Stained Glass


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The knight and the dragon


Imagination is something incredible, a wonderful tool innate in most children, a fleeting moment in our minds that makes us dream and fly without taking off the feet of floor. One of the most beautiful creatures that are born of mythology and imagination are dragons. Majestic beings with magical powers capable of eliminating an entire city with his breath. There are dragons of many colors: red, black, white… , but all are beautiful and cause fear and admiration at the same time.

…the knight struck a direct blow to his heart. The dragon opened his wings and emitted a scream that was heard in the darkest corners of the kingdom. A wave of fire welled out of his mouth and wiped out every living thing around him. The knight was killed, and the dragon went through the clouds…

Cutemosaic wants to pay tribute to these mythological creatures, so we have created some mosaics that could serve as gift to your children, wallpaper for your computer or to decorate a shirt. The limit is your imagination

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